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Below is a list of the jobs currently available that have been submitted to the Fitzgerald Business Network.


The Fitzgerald Business Network (FBN) is committed to supporting its members, and providing them with opportunities. The Jobs board is a resource for businesses through the Fitzgerald Biosphere to use to find staff within and outside the Fitzgerald Biosphere. It is also available for jobseekers to find out what jobs are available in the region.

Please use this page to search and view current advertised positions available in the local area.

The FBN job site is available free to all FBN businesses in the Fitzgerald Biosphere to advertise jobs on.

If you are wanting to advertise a job. Please fill out all the details below, so we can advertise the job position you have available. Provide all the information you would like prospective applicants to receive. If you have a supporting document (i.e. a Job Description) you can upload it.

Only Fitzgerald Biosphere based jobs will be approved.

Please Note
This is purely an advertisement database for local jobs. Applicants need to direct all queries about listed jobs to the employer. We reserve the right to decline job submissions that do not fall within our organisational goals and values. Only jobs advertised for the Fitzgerald region will be approved.

Here for WA

An initiative by DPIRD and Studium to provide employment opportunities to students, graduates and skilled workers in the agriculture and food space.

Traditionally, backpackers and travellers fill a number of seasonal roles across agriculture but with COVID-19 travel restrictions in place, we have seen backpackers denied entry into Australia or leaving our shores for home. This has resulted in a critical number of shortages, which presents an opportunity for domestic students, graduates and skilled workers.

Studium will work with agricultural employers and representative bodies to supply workers with applicable skills and attributes to those businesses that face a critically short supply.