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Single Use Plastic
WA Plastics Ban

To reduce plastic pollution, the Western Australian Government implemented a state-wide ban on the supply of certain plastic items. Stage 1 of the WA Plan for Plastics was completed 1 October 2022, and implementation of Stage 2 is now underway.

National Retail Association is delivering a range of resources and services, including a dedicated website and a tollfree hotline, to assist businesses and organisations in complying with the ban

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Skilled Refugee Labour Agreement Pilot 

Businesses experiencing skills shortages can look to the Skilled Refugee Labour Agreement Pilot to access the talent that exists in refugee and displaced populations. 

The Pilot, delivered in partnership with Talent Beyond Boundaries, enables Australian businesses to access concessions to standard visa eligibility requirements under a Pilot labour agreement. The concessions aim to reduce barriers for businesses looking to sponsor an approved skilled refugee through existing employer sponsored visa programs. Participating businesses will have access to Talent Beyond BoundariesTalent Catalogue, filled with thousands of refugees with a diverse range of skills and experiences. They also have access to generous visa concessions that make it easier to recruit skilled refugees. Talent Beyond Boundaries also helps participating businesses throughout the hiring process.

 Through the program, employers can fill workplace shortages while also offering a skilled refugee and their family the opportunity to rebuild their lives and careers in Australia.

 Further Information can be found at: Skilled Refugee Labour Agreement Pilot Program


( and Australia — Talent Beyond Boundaries.

SBDC Workshops

Grow your skills!

The Small Business Development Commission offer a range of workshops to support small businesses… from Xero to Building your Brand and Marketing Strategy.

You can access the full schedule of workshops on offer here.

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